Ibiza Connection

This film was shot on location on Ibiza Island in 1984 and starred the very beautiful Fiona Fullerton who shortly after this film went to do The James Bond Film with Roger Moore "View To A Kill".

The story was a story within a story about the making of a movie called "Thunderflash" and the movie called for a specially designed car called "Striker" that fired missiles and Thunderflash was a giant rocket, there were the usual Helicopter crashes, fight scenes, romance and the gangster connection ala Gino Veradi played by Max Beesley

Fiona Fullerton as Jane Veradi

Cliff Twemlow as Wolf Svenson

Brett Sinclair as Brett Young

Max Beesley as Gino Veradi

Giannina Faccio as Giannina

John Barry as Phebos

David Rankin as Lenny

Paul Hennessey as Zychon

Steve Powell as Hugo

Brian Sterling as Android

Unfortunately my copy of this video is bad quality it was difficult to get a decent copy as the film was made and sold abroad.

My character was Hugo a henchman or thug who protected Gino Veradi Gangster Boss, Although actually in the movie from a distance or disguised I played different parts, I was a soldier and also a Nunchaku character and a general nobody on the speed boat where I am just shooting the machine gun, I get killed 4 times in the film. Twice by Wolf Svenson ( Cliff Twemlow ) on different locations of course and disguised and I was also killed on the speed boat and later on the beach as a soldier.

Fiona, Cliff, Brett and a cast of beauties

Cliff, Brett, Fiona, Max and Big Paul.

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