We are a Manchester based gym in The UK, right in the heart of the City Centre, dedicating ourselves to teaching the Art and Science of Jun Fan, Jeet Kune Do Concepts and The Related Martial Arts as Taught by Bruce Lee and Guro Dan Inosanto and passed down to us by Sifu Rick Young, Edinburgh, Scotland. Sifu Rick Faye Minnesota USA, and Sifu Larry Hartsell California, USA.

Trainers and joggers or loose fitting clothes plus a tee shirt are all you need to start.

In the Beginning you will be taken through the Jun Fan Kick Boxing (Bruce Lee's Chinese Name was Lee Jun Fan) this will give you a power base, and will improve your fitness, timing co-ordination, along with speed and reaction time,. Then over the beginners course you will be introduced to the Jeet Kune Do Concepts and the Related Martial Arts on the curriculum, as taught by Si Gung Dan Inosanto,

You will be shown the usage of  Punches, Knees, Elbows and Kicks from the very first lesson. And an introduction to hitting focus mitts from lesson 3.

The classes are conducted in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with a go at your own pace theme. Which means when you progress to the intermediate / Advanced group, a beginning student can still go at a slower and more relaxed pace than an intermediate or advanced person, who can go at the lesson with more intensity.

Expect a bit of humour in the lessons, we stay away from the no talk strict methods of traditional martial arts. We believe  you will progress more if you enjoy rather than endure the classes.

All Instructors are on a first name basis.

Any other information you should require please refer to the FAQ pages

or phone the Academy on 0161 998 7062, You are more than welcome to ask any questions regarding the academy.

Steve Powell.

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