Thai boxing

 At our academy we train “with” each other not “on” each other, all drills are on the Focus mitts, and are conducted in a safe way.

"The science of 8 limbs"  “Kings of The Ring”or sometimes referred to as "The Art of Siamese Unarmed combat".

Teaches the Usage of the Hands, Knees, Elbows and Kicks. We approach this method for Self Defence and Physical Fitness as apposed to preparing the student for the boxing ring,

A great training method for physical conditioning, getting oneself fit and losing unwanted fat, while building a strong power base.

Steve studied under 3 Thai Boxing Coaches in Bangkok in the early 1970's. Dang Klicsawan, Sanit Seejanmahk, and Samart Patkaew,

and was awarded the rank of Ajarn Sorn (Thai Boxing Master) in 1991 by Grandmaster Chinawut Sirisompan, Bangkok Thailand.

You will find The Thai Boxing Drills are fun and challenging and taught in a "Go at your own pace" way. So everyone gets a great workout to suit your fitness level.

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