Tuxedo Warrior

This was my first Major Film and it was filmed just outside Harare in Zimbabwe Africa at the end of 1981, The film starred John Wyman from the Bond Film "For Your Eyes Only", and James Coburn Jnr. (James Coburn's Son) along with Roy Boyd "The Omen" and "The Wicker Man", Holly Palance from the film "The Omen" and also daughter of Jack Palance, John Terry from "Hawk The Slayer" and the Bond Film "The Living daylights", Carol Royal well known British Film and TV Actress, Ken Gampu one of Africa's finest actors, and my old friend "Cliff Twemlow", it was our first film together arranging fight scenes plus stunt work, and the start of many more to come, and some great times.

The film was released under three titles

"Tuxedo Warrior" and later as "The Omega Connection" and then "The African Run"

Here are a few Posters and Video Covers from the film

Below are some of the stars from the film

John Wyman as Cliff

Carol Royal as Lisa

John Terry as Wiley

Holly Palance as Sally

James Coburn Jnr. as Grigg

Ken Gampu as Cheif Inspector Nderi

Rot Boyd as Chief Inspector Andy

Cliff Twemlow as Chaser

These are the intros for each of the films

I spent a month filming in The African Bush, My character Doe Doe Roberts was one of four diamond smugglers, The character Grigg played by James Coburn Jnr. decided renege on us while we were all asleep, He killed one of the smugglers called Muldoon and stole the diamonds, So myself and Stern set off in hot pursuit across the African bush and tracked him down to The Omega Bar where eventually all smugglers end up. We were in the midst of roughing up the bar flies and the Owner called Cliff ( John Wyman ) for information on the diamonds when Chaser ( Cliff Twemlow ) enters and then a stick fight ensues, and then my character was killed off.

Below are a number of video captures from the action and fights scenes

Myself as Doe Doe Roberts

Bob Greer as Stern

George Barrow as Muldoon

James Coburn Jnr as Grigg

On a break between the fight scenes

Hanging out with James Coburn Jnr. Bushman's Point, Zimbabwe

Andrew Sinclair Director ( Foreground ) Cameraman Walter Lassley and Actor John Wyman

The Africa Run

The African Run was also released as The Omega Connection the only changes made were the opening sequence, But when later released as The Africa Run new scenes were added at the beginning and towards the end of the film.
Here are the stars of the added scenes

Cliff Twemlow as Chaser

Jerry Harris as Mr. Lattimer

Brian Sterling as Gus

Beth Adams as Chasers Woman

Stuart Hurst as Creeps

John Simpson as Ralph Bickford

John Blackledge as Eric Roberts

Ricky Richardson as a heavy

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