Private War of Capt. Lewis

The Private War of Captain Lewis

This has to be one of the best films I was involved with, written by John Saint Ryan, It was filmed in 1984 around the Pendle area of Northern Lancashire, ( Famous for it's Witches ), John along with Bob Spour and Jeff Morris were all military trained in real life and every scene was done in a military tactical manner as would be carried out in a real military situation, All test shots and promo's were done and most of the film was finished, but it wasn't released because of the controversial content for that time period.

It was a double plot within one story, A house raid was being conducted in County Armagh in Northern Ireland by the SAS, and at the same time Captain Lewis' best friend Dave ( Brett Sinclair ) and a group of heavy's were gang raping Lewis' wife back in England, The double story revolves around Bobby's Girl ( Angie Doherty ) seeking revenge on Captain Lewis, ( She travels over to England ) while at the same time Captain Lewis is seeking revenge on his wife's rapists.

The cast list of the stars of the film

John Saint Ryan as Capt. Stephen Lewis

Brett Sinclair as Dave

Angie Doherty as Bobby's Girl

David Rankin

Liam Leslie as Bobby

Paul Flanagan as Patrick

Jim Ryan as Mickey

Abbi Collins as Sally Lewis

Lenny Howarth as Rapist

Charles Makinson Barker as The Chief Inspector

Jamie Barker as Boy playing football

The cast list of the SAS Troops

Jeff Morris ( Left ) and John Saint Ryan as Captain Lewis

John Saint Ryan with Bob Spour

Steve Powell as Sergeant Adam Ross 22 SAS

A group of four SAS men are preparing for a house raid in County Armagh, Inside the safe house the terrorists are planning the next mission, A young boy outside the house spots Sergeant Ross, who then warns the terrorists and a gun battle follows

At the same time back in England Captain Lewis' best friend Dave and 2 accomplices are having a night out at Captain Lewis' house and the drink gets the better of them and each in turn rape her.

His wife takes her own life with an overdose of sleeping pills, Captain Lewis' returns to England and unaware it was Dave who was involved asks his best friend about any information.

Meanwhile Bobby's girl has made her way to England to seek revenge for the death of Bobby and the other terrorists,

There lies the double plot, And this is where the film begins, While Bobby's girl is out seeking revenge, So is Captain Lewis as he dispatches the rapists in a style that makes Rambo look like Winnie The Pooh, Incidentally I was holding the boom microphone as Bobby's girl ( Angie Doherty ) was saying her lines on the left hand photo and I tingled all over it was so real and I get the same feeling every time I watch the film

An absolutely brilliant film lying on a shelf somewhere waiting to be discovered, and one I felt privileged to take part in.


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