The Nunchaku is taught on a Saturday along with the Filipino Weaponry. 12 noon until 1.30pm

Anyone who knows Steve will know of his Nunchaku skills and the famous video made in 1986.

Training and researching the various Nunchaku systems since 1968
Steve drew techniques from different far eastern countries, including Korean, Chinese, Okinawan, Filipino and Japanese Nunchaku.
Blended in to one system of training,

If you need Nunchaku for dexterity, coordination, speed, power or exercise you have come to the right place

All aspects taught.

Power Swings
Grip changes
A multitude of various catches,
Classical Techniques
Film Work

Steve was dubbed Nunchaku Sensei by Hanshi Chojiro Tani 8th Dan, founder of the Shukokai System in 1972.
Steve has been featured in 3 movies using his Nunchaku skills


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