Cliff Twemlow

Cliff Twemlow

Cliff Twemlow great friend of mine in his time had written "Thirteen films" all of which he starred in. A great achievement for a nine year career, Also Cliff had on release Three Books and over 2000 music scores. Some under his Pseudonym name of Peter Reno, John Agar And Mike Sullivan,

But most will remember him for his drive for film making.

He "Wrote", "Produced", "Arranged the Music" for, Sometimes "Sang" in, And worked out "The Stunts", "Fight Scenes" and "Starred" in every film.

This is a tribute to "Cliff Twemlow" From Myself and The Guys who starred in his films

Here's a list of Cliff's films in chronological order

Cliff as Chaser in Tuxedo Warrior 1982

Cliff as Steve Donovan in GBH 1983

Cliff as Chaser in Target Eve Island 1983

Cliff as Mason in Mason's War 1984

Cliff as Wolf Svenson in The Ibiza Connection 1984

Cliff as Chaser in The Africa Run 1985

Cliff as Johnny Zero in The Blind Side of God 1987

Cliff as Daniel Kane in Moon Stalker 1988

Cliff as Kane in The Eye of Satan 1988

Cliff as John D Trooper in Firestar First Contact 1988

Cliff as Johnny Zero in Tokyo Sunrise 1989

Cliff as Steve Donovan in Lethal Impact 1991

Cliff as Hawk in Bad Weekend 1991

Cliff also wrote three books

"Tuxedo Warrior" ( Tales of a Mancuniun Bouncer ) 1981

Tuxedo Warrior is an autobiography of Cliffs' life right from childhood into manhood and his work on the doors as a Tuxedo Warrior, And the film Tuxedo Warrior gets its name from the title of Cliffs' book.

"The Pike" 1982 due to be a film at the time with Joan Collins

"The Beasts of Kane" 1983

Unfortunately Cliff Twemlow died on the 5th. May 1993, So for most of us the film business finished.


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