Kali Silat

Kali Silat is a complete art in itself but the empty hand section of the 12 areas is mostly in the 7th area.

Taught at the academy, Panatukan  (panantukan) Filipino Boxing is really a derivative of Filipino knife fighting, as most of the techniques are closely tied together. Also taught are the Filipino Kicking systems:

Steve is a fully certified instructor in Panantuken ( Filipino Boxing ) under Guru Rick Faye from Minnesota, USA.
and will take you from 'Beginner' to 'Advanced' in each section, on a 'go at your own pace' to learn basis.

7th Area explained:

  1. Panatunkan  (Filipino boxing)

  2. Pananjakman and Sikaran  (Filipino kicking systems)

  3. Dumog  (grappling)

 "A complete system in itself. It is the most complete Martial Art I have ever seen" :(Steve Powell):

  • Boxing, Kicking, Usage of the Head Butts, Knees and elbow
  • Chokes, Strangles, Take downs, standing and ground locking

  • Body manipulation, usage of almost all parts of the body as a weapon

  • Limb distructions, trapping, sensitivity training, arm wrenches

  • The 12 Hubud drills with switches and inserts

  • Usage of the wing chun dummy as a Filipino training aid.

         Steve is fully certified in Kali Silat.





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