Eve Island

Target Eve Island

Another exotic film location, This time in The Caribbean, This was filmed in Barbados and Graneda in 1983, and I was called upon to do four fight scenes plus a little acting.

Professor Lindenbrook ( Kay Harris ) has secret documentation wanted by the Russians, She is kidnapped and taken to The Caribbean, Following in hot pursuit are Chaser ( Cliff Twemlow ) and William grant ( Brett Sinclair )

I play another villain called Roman who works as a heavy for mobster Harry Filipino ( Jerry Harris )

This set the theme for all other films that were to follow, The same actors were used in many of the other 16 films or so.

Cliff Twemlow as Chaser

Brett Sinclair as William Grant

John Saint Ryan as Colonel Mitri Petrovich

Max Beesley ( On the left ) as Crazy Max

Ginette Gray as Stella Starlight

Jerry Harris as Harry Filipino

David Rankin as Major Barret

Kay Harris as Professor Lindenbrook

Paul Flanagan as Pete

Andrea Kelly as Maria Corsair and Angela Lancaster as Sarah Tippet

Here are some video captures of my Character "Roman", Martial Arts expert and heavy working for Harry Filipino.

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