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Wing Chun (Jun Fan Method)

 Setting the record straight.

There have been many claims about who actually taught Bruce Lee the Wing Chun System.

The teaching of Bruce Lee was passed on from Yip Man to Wong Shun Leung

In writing about this period in Lee’s life,
Jesse Glover (his first American student) stated, “Wong Shun Leung was four years senior (in training) to Bruce in Yip Man’s clan and Bruce studied privately for a year and a half under him, Glover also wrote that Wong Shun Leung was “...the man most responsible for the development of the young Bruce Lee at that time”,
and that “In ‘59 Bruce told me that Wong was the greatest fighter in the wing chun style, and that he had successfully defeated all challengers.”

In fact Bruce Lee never fully completed the Wing Chun System. 

Bruce studied the Wing Chun system from the age of 15 to 18 and then in 1959 as a teenager went to America,

It was in America that Bruce over many years developed his Jeet Kune Do

From "1968" the training principles plus introduced techniques and concepts of Jeet Kune Do came from Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto alone and no earlier teachers and instructors can lay claim to the  development of BRUCE LEE'S JEET KUNE DO


Bruce lees' given Chinese name was Lee Jun Fan,

Bruce Lee's original early training and development in 60's America. Oakland and Seattle


Jun Fan Trapping

Lap Sao Cycle drills and switches ( Ku Sang Method )

Jun Fan Wooden Dummy form.

The 10 Jeet Kune Do wooden dummy sets.

The 5 gates training ( Jun Fan Method ) Ung Moon

Hand immobilisation and energy drills ( Jun Fan Method )

Sensitivity training.

and more...

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