Lethal Impact

Lethal Impact ( GBH 2 )

Lethal Impact was filmed in the Manchester City Centre Area and some other scenes were filmed in Malta in 1991, And This is Cliff doing what Cliff does best. Getting even for the death of his niece Catherine who was raped and murdered by a paedophile ring, He goes on the trail of every member Charles Bronson style, and in true death wish tradition, blows them all to kingdom come, The cast list would be too big to include here in photograph form, So I have left a cast list at the bottom of the page. This is one of Cliff's best films, Originally to be called GBH 2, But because of a TV program being aired at the time called GBH the title was change to Lethal Impact.

My video of the film is probably about a third or fourth generation copy, and the colour was breaking up on the video so I have resized the photos and changed them all to black and white.

Here are the stars from the film

Mike Sullivan aka Cliff Twemlow as Steve Donovan

Terence Hardiman as Bill Donovan

Brett Sinclair as Chris

Jerry Harris as Keller

Mary Waters as Jackie

Patrick Nyland as Inspector Peters

Roy barber as Sergeant Cunningham

David Roth aka David Rankin as Harper

Ray Nicholas as Mike O' Mere

Tim Condren as Johnny Roscoe

Stuart Hurst as Dex Chaney

Angie Doherty as Linda Donovan

On the right Paul Flanagan as Roscoe's Henchman

I didn't get as much to do in the film as the other ones, Only two scenes, A shoot out scene shown below, which included an explosion. and a fight scene with Cliff and old friend Stuart Hurst.

Here's a few stills from the fight scene, Myself and Stuart both Harper thugs get put to death by Cliff, He traps my necktie in the doors of a lift and I get to have my head ripped from the body. and Stuart loses one eye in the process and ends up being pole axed by Cliff.

Never lose your head in a fight.

Credits by Courtesy of Julian Grainger, Film Archivist, British Film Institute, London.

Lethal Impact GBH 2
Mike Sullivan [Cliff Twemlow] (Steve Donovan). Terence Hardiman (Bill Donovan). Brett Paul [Paul Brett] (Chris). Jerry Harris (Keller). Mary Waters (Jackie). Patrick Nyland (Inspector Peters). Roy Barber (Sergeant Cunningham). David Roth [David Rankin] (Harper). Ray Nicholas [Ray L. Nicholas] (Mike O’Mere). Tim Condren (Johnny Roscoe). Angie Docherty (Linda Donovan). Stuart Sullivan [Stuart Hurst] (Dex Chaney). Nicola Gardner [front credits: Nicki Gardner], Anna Holloway, Anna Jaskolka, Parveen D’Ajen, Nadja Zee (dykes). Steve Hatton (Jack Fisher, Millionaire Club manager). Terry Cundell [Terry Cundall] (Benson). Donna Scott (Lisa Danton). Barnes Jarvis (Shelton). Alan Birkin (Scully, nightclub owner/comic). Jerry Phillips (Reverend Paul Spinner). St. Clair Palmer (Frank Mayo). Linda Myers (Cora). Megan Williams (Chris’ doctor). Patrick McNulty (Willard). Dee Christopholous [Dee Chrisopholus] (Ray, Millionaire Club barman). Vicki Allan (grandmother). Chloe Hutchinson (young girl). Diane Scott [Diane Wilson], Carol Gronow (waitresses). Bunny Lewis (Bunny, informant) <with> Paul Hamilton [Paul Flanagan] (Roscoe henchman). Stan Finni (Roscoe associate). Steve Powell (Harper thug). Phillip David. Lenny McCaully. Ivan Mahoney. Paul Gardner. John Barry (paedophile film director). Jack Marsden. David Bowles (Harry, a bodyguard on film set). Emma Roberts. Orville Patrick. Tony Sherman. Mandy Hestor. David Bellotti. Toni Kent-Watson. Michael Wheelan (man thrown off roof). Sharon Fox. Oliver Harrison. Paul Fox. Kim Novacs. Austin Wheelan. Joey Mensa. Billy Wheelan. Mark Rigby. Caroline Hague.
in Malta
Joe Spiteri. Joe Carr. Roman. Tony Galea. Rita Caligari (receptionist). Sonya (Sonya). Gerald Strickland.
Brian Sterling (Dancer, a hit man).

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