Introduce your gym, business or organisation to a new martial art or a different method of training.

Steve is available by arrangement should you wish to host a seminar at your gym. Seminars can be structured to cover a day, weekend or several days depending on your needs.

Seminars can cover all disciplines or you can specialise in just one or a few areas of your choice

  1. Jeet Kune Do Concepts (a blend of the first 7 arts on the list below)

  • Filipino Weaponry

  • Jun Fan Trapping also blended with Filipino trapping from the Kali Silat

  • Jun Fan Kickboxing

  • Kali Silat

  • Silat.

  • Panantuken (Filipino Boxing)

  • The 12 Hubud drills and switches and inserts from various martial arts.


  1. Choshin Kai Karate (Non Classical)

  2. Nunchaku

Certification for all seminars are available on request.

Get in touch with Steve via the contact page.

Steve is also available for private tuition in the above subjects.

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