Jeet-Kune-Do concepts

An excerpt from Dan Inosanto's book "Jeet Kune Do the art and philosophy of Bruce Lee"

"Once Jeet Kune Do was established as an entity in itself , Jun Fan was looked upon as as the art that Bruce taught in Seattle and Oakland- which was more Wing Chun oriented with additional kicking techniques, Jeet Kune Do then is a "liberated form of Jun Fan" it encompasses much more, but Jun Fan is still part of the total art, You can't separate the two"

The Concepts training includes training in various martial arts.

Bruce lees' given Chinese name was Lee Jun Fan,

Kick Boxing ( Jun Fan Method ) Jun Fan Gung Fu. Western Fencing principles, Chin Na and Savate.

Guro Dan Inosanto added Kali (Empty Hands sections), Panantuken (Filipino Boxing) Muay Thai (Thai boxing) Silat from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Southern Philippines,

Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto blended the arts that go together that had a common thread. The concept being, Using No Way as Way and No Limitations as Limitation. To go beyond systems and methods.

To Quote Bruce Lee.

"True Observation begins when devoid of set patterns and freedom of expression occurs when one is beyond styles, method, system and organisations".

Jeet Kune Do is training and discipline toward the ulitimate reality in combat. The ultimate reality is the returning to one's primary freedom which is simple, direct and non classical.

In the concepts training you will flow from art to art without any thought process.

Steve will take you carefully from beginner to intermediate and on to the advanced Level.

 Steve is a 3rd Generation Instructor

and is a fully certified instructor in The Jeet Kune Do Concepts.


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