This was the second film that Cliff Twemlow and I did together, And was the first of his own productions, This was written by Cliff and was produced by Cliff and David Kent-Watson, Cliff wrote, starred in and composed the music for all his films, plus working out locations, and stunt work, This was one of twelve films that Cliff Produced.

This was filmed in Manchester in 1983, And places such as The Millionaires Club and The Zoo ( Night Club ) were used as locations.

Here are the stars from the film

Cliff Twemlow as Steve Donovan

Anthony Shaeffer as Murray parks

Jerry Harris as Keller

Brett Sinclair as Chris

Jane Cunliffe as Tracy

Lenny Howarth as Connor and Steve Powell as Gregg

John Barker aka John Saint Ryan as Big Nick Rafferty

Ian Keith as Michael

Dee Chrisopholus as Alex

The film opens with Keller and his heavies entering a night club, beating up the doorman, the boss, and then Gregg takes a shotgun to the place and blows some of the decor to bits

Murray tells Dave that Keller is back in town, and that Steve Donovan the old doorman friend of theirs is out from Jail

Steve Donovan and Dave meet up and go looking for Steve's old girlfriend Sue, meeting an unwelcome reception Steve and Dave beat up the two men and go on their way

Later Dave and Steve Donovan meet up with Murray, and Murray offers Steve his own job back on the door as they need him to combat Keller's heavies, So starts Steve Donovan's first night on the door.

It's Donovan's first night on the door and who should turn up, but Keller and his heavies, They are refused entrance to the club told to go and change their clothes and then as a final insult Donavan charges Keller the big gangster boss the £2.50p entrance fee,

So sets the theme of the film, Donovan versus Keller

In between the intrigue, dreams and romance, Here are a few action scenes from the film.

Donovan is attacked by five heavies, Which he sorts out in fine style.

Connor and Gregg go to Donovan's house to tell him Keller wants to see him NOW!

A fight happens and is broken up by Donovan's girlfriend Tracy who just happens to be holding a shot gun.

Towards the end of the film Keller gathers all his men to find and attack Donovan, He sorts all four men out without a problem, and returns to Keller's Hangout The Rainbow Rooms Night Club, Kills all Keller's remaining men and generally causes mayhem.

Connor and Keller renege on Keller and decide to switch sides over to Donovan's

On returning to his own Club, He meets Tracy, Murray The owner ushers her away as the armed police arrive, Donovan gestures as if He is pulling a gun, and then the police open fire.

Watch out for GBH 2 called Lethal Impact

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