The Eye of Satan

Since the beginning of time man has always had an inherent fear of darkness, haunted by the belief that hidden in the black chambers of night, dark and powerful satanic forces are watching and waiting to strike some poor unsuspecting soul.

Now the belief becomes reality in the form of Kane, soldier of Satan. He is here to prepare for his masters return.

Kane ( Cliff Twemlow ) must also recover the Eye of Satan taken from a ritual chamber somewhere in Africa. The jewel posses strange demonic powers. Kane always travels in the company of a black panther.

Harry Bronstien ( Paul Flanagen ) underworld gang lord, manages to locate the jewel and persuades Kane to eliminate the opposition in return for the information. Kane accepts the offer. Bronstien is soon to realise the power of Kane.

Daniel Hunter ( Steve Powell ) tells Father Galan ( David Rankin ) of a terrible force that pursues him after he killed the high priests then took the Eye of Satan, The priest becomes afraid and forces Hunter to leave the church. A spate of killings begins, Daniel Hunter tried to flee before falling victim the the Prince of Darkness.

Chief Inspector Chase ( Max Beesley ) and his colleague Sgt. Peters ( Brett Paul ) become aware that they are not ordinary homicides. The wife of Insp. Chase pleads with him to drop the case as the strange killings continue.

Ed and Ray Stringer together with Camille Muhamed are conspirators in arms smuggling for terrorists. They about to experience the wrath of Kane. Ed Stringers daughter ( Ginette Grey ) unwittingly becomes involved with Kane.

Now the law and the lawless, priest and demonologist are drawn into a satanic web of death and destruction

Cliff Twemlow as Kane

Cliff Twemlow again as Kane

Ginette Gray as Christine Stringer

Max Beesley as Chief Inspector Pete Chase

Brett Paul ( aka as Brett Sinclair ) as Sgt. Peters

Paul Flanagan as Paul Hamilton

John Saint Ryan as Camille Muhamed

David Rankin as Father Galan

Leo Atkin as Ed Stringer ( Christine's Father )

Steve Powell as Daniel Hunter

Stuart Hurst as Camille's hired Heavy

Liam Leslie as Steve Stringer

Heather Alexandra as Mary Chase

Terry Cundall as Mr. Big, and Brian Sterling as a Thug

Stan Finni as The Demonologist

Martin Derooy as a Thug

Cliff Twemlow again as Kane

Carla courtesy of the Chipperfield family

My first Horror film, and as usual I get killed off, this film was based on Panthataris The star of the film Cliff Twemlow was able to shape shift into the form of a Black Panther as he pursued his victims, and I was one of them, because on my travels in Africa I had broke in on a Panthataris Cult about to sacrifice a young woman to Panthataris, I shot all the high priests, saved the woman, and stole their sacred jewel "The Eye of Satan" from the alter, fleeing back to England being pursued by the spirit of Panthataris, I seek refuge and help from a Priest, but on leaving the church I finally meet my doom from the spirit panther. I had to wade through a river at sub zero temperatures for the final shot, Who said Film making was all Fun?

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