Bad Weekend

I was in my element making this one, roaming about the woods for hours in between shooting scenes, This film was made in 1991 near Manchester at "Styal Country Park" and "Alderley Edge" .

Here is a cast list of people in the film

Cliff Twemlow as Hawk

David Rankin as Harry Ferguson, Kim's Father

Sarah Fallon as Kim Ferguson

Peter Wheeler as Mr. Taggett

Stuart Hurst as Sledge

Steve Powell as Dave

Michael Wheelan as Weasel

St.Clair as Gaz

Steve Whitehouse as The Forest Ranger

Diane Wilson as Kim's Mother

Our characters were bunch of ruffians generally causing havoc everywhere we went, We had a great time making this film which is part of a trilogy, The other two were filmed in Malta, as usual I'm seen off again, but this time at the end of the film so I get to do a lot more acting, Most of my scenes were with Stuart Hurst, good friend and a great martial artist.

Deep in the woods lives a hermit called Taggett who thinks that aliens inhabit the woods, On our way through the woods We encounter Taggett and a fight ensues as He thinks We are aliens, Later Hawk decides to rape Kim Ferguson, and then her Father ( David Rankin ) seeks revenge, We all get our just desserts in the film, But watch out for the twist at the end.

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