What is Jeet Kune Do?

Jeet Kune Do literely means Jeet (To Stop) Kune (Fist) Do (The Way)

Which translates as The Way of The Stopping Fist, or The Way of The Intercepting Fist,

The Following is an excerpt from Sifu Dan Inosanto’s Book "Jeet Kune Do" The Art and Philosophy of Bruce Lee,

How "JEET KUNE DO" Was Coined?

It all began in the early part of 1968 while Bruce and I were driving along in the car, we were talking about Fencing, Western Fencing, Bruce said the most efficient means of countering in Fencing, was the Stop-Hit, A stop-hit is when you do not parry and then counter, it’s all done in one step. When the opponent attacks, you intercept his move with a thrust or hit of your own. It is designed to score a hit in the midst of the attacker’s action, and , is the highest and most economical of all the counters.

Then Bruce said "We should call our method the "Stop-hitting Style", or the "Intercepting Fist Style" "What would that be in Chinese"? I asked,

"That would be Jeet Kune Do," he said.

Jeet Kune Do means the way of the stopping fist, or the way of the intercepting fist. So, instead of blocking and then hitting, our main concept is to dispense with blocking completely, and instead to intercept and hit, We realise that this cannot be done all the time, but this is the main theme.

What is Jun Fan?

Jun Fan is Bruce lee’s Chinese Name (Lee Jun Fan)

Bruce was born on November 27th. 1940 (The year of the dragon) between 6-8pm. (The hour of the dragon) at the Jackson Street Hospital in San Francisco’s Chinatown

To confuse unfriendly Spirits Bruce was named Sai Fon which means Little Phoenix, but later Bruce’s Mother "Grace Li" renamed him Jun Fan, which means "Return Again" because she felt that Bruce would one day return to his Birth Place "San Francisco",The Doctor who delivered Bruce "Mary Glover" gave him the Anglicised name of "Bruce". He later Anglicised his Sir Name from Li to Lee.

The following is an except from Sifu Dan Inosanto’s Book "Jeet Kune Do" the art and philosophy of Bruce Lee.

Up until 1967 our method was called "Jun Fan" Gung Fu, which was a modification of various techniques from Northern Praying Mantis, Southern Praying Mantis, Choy Li Fut, Eagle Claw, Western Boxing, Hung Gar, Thai Boxing, Wrestling, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, and several Northern Gung-Fu Styles, it is obvious that the Wing Chun was the main nucleus and all the other methods revolved around it.

It was during this time that Bruce developed his own particular style of kicking, modified from the Northern Styles of Gung Fu, and greatly improved the way he trained for it.

In later years be became sorry that he ever coined the term Jeet Kune Do because he felt that it, too, was limiting, and according to Bruce, "There is no such thing as a style if you totally understand the roots of combat"

Where is your Gym?

Crown Industrial Estates. Unit 3. Poland Street. off Oldham road.

M4 6NB.

4 minutes drive or a 10 minutes walk from  from Piccadilly.

76. From Piccadilly bus station or Lever street and it's a ten second walk from the bus stop


Do you allow Spectators?


By appointment only

How Do I Join?

The Beginner courses are  Tuesday and Thursday Group, 8pm.

Enrolments are at 6.30pm. On the day of the course, but the actual training times are from 7p. to 8pm, The Beginners Course usually lasts for about 4 weeks, then you move forward to the 8.15pm to 9.30pm Group, and then the Gym will be open to you 3 times a week including a Filipino Weapons class on a Saturday from 12am to 1.30pm.


Membership fee of £30 is to be paid on the commencement of the first lesson.


For two lessons a week the monthly fee is £60 per calendar month.


What Clothing Do You Wear?

Loose clothing is all you need to start.

There are Academy Vests Tee-Shirts and Joggers, but those are optional.

What Equipment do I need?

None! All equipment is provided by the Gym, Punch bags, Thai Pads, Hook and Jab Pads, Kicking Shields, Sticks, Wooden Daggers, Pocket Sticks, The Wooden Dummy, are all in the gym for your use in the classes, all equipment is used under supervision of the Instructor in Charge.

How often should I train?

We recommend a minimum of twice a week, if you want to progress fairly quickly, some find twice a week comfortable,

Do you have Gradings?

"Academy Gradings", are every 3 months, and the requirement is 80% attendance based on a 3 month period.

What does a class consist of?

In the Beginning the Students are taken through the Jun Fan Kick Boxing, and Various Thai Boxing Methods, this will give them a power base, and will improve their, fitness, timing co-ordination, along with speed and reaction drills,. Then they Are introduced to the Jeet Kune Do Concepts and the Related Martial Arts, as taught by Sifu Dan Inosanto, that have been passed to me by Instuctors Rick Faye of Minnesota and Rick Young of Edinburgh Scotland, both very high level Martial Artists, and Both are Full Instructors under Dan Inosanto.

What are the Related Martial Arts?

Outside of the Jeet Kune Do and Jun Fan Curriculum,we also include Wing Chun (Jun fan Method), Thai Boxing, Kali-Silat, (The Phillipines) Silat from Malaysia and Indonesia, Various Grappling methods, and Weaponry.

There are 12 areas in the Kali Silat alone that would keep you busy for a lifetime.

What is the age group, and how old do you have to be to join?

The age group is usually 18 and upwards, although in some special cases we accepted 16 and 17 year olds, so the age group is 18 years on up,

Do you teach One on One?



Do you train Full Contact?

We train "WITH" each other, Not "ON" each other, we are a positive family group, every member is considered a member of our Jeet Kune Do family, and is accorded the same respect for their physical being and health, although we do train with contact on the Hook and Pads and various other equipment provided by the Academy.

Is there a Jeet Kune Do Gym in my area?

If you refer to the web Site links, elsewhere on this Site, you will find a world wide listing of Jeet Kune Do Clubs through out the UK, The USA, and Europe.

Do you allow your students to train elsewhere in other systems?

Although Jeet Kune Do offers training in many different styles and systems, and countless training methods, We do encourage students to train in a many disciplines as they can. There’s an old Burmese Bando Boxing saying, "Just as a diamond has many facets no one country has a monopoly on the truth"

Do you have Guest Instructors?

Most definatly, we have had Filipino Instructors, Thai Instructors, but the Main Instructors are from the Jeet Kune Do family, and some have personally trained With Bruce, we also arrange for the students to visit other cities in the UK to attend Seminars, by various World Class Instructors,

Sifu Dan Inosanto Visits Rick Young’s Gym Edinburgh Scotland every year, check the Seminar Page for details, whilst we our selves have Regular Seminars With Rick Young (Scotland) and Rick Faye (Minnesota).

Do we have to call you Master, Sensei, or Sifu?

All Instructors are on a first name basis, we run a high energy, warm and friendly atmosphere, just relax have fun. ( and leave your ego at the door)

Are the classes mixed?

Yes! The classes are for men as well as women.

What about training outside of the Gym?

Any auxiliary training such as Weight Training, Stretching exercises, such as Yoga, Skipping, and Running are All beneficial to your Martial Arts Training.

Who are you Certified in Jeet Kune Do by?

I am a Full JKD Concepts Graduate Instructor under Rick Young of Edinburgh Scotland, (Chief JKD Instructor for Europe)

And a Full  Jeet Kune Do Instructor under Rick Faye of Minnesota USA.

9th Dan. World Freestyle Martial Arts Union Norway.

9th Dan and founder of Choshin Kai Karate International.


Panantuken Instructor   Kali Instructor,    Muay Thai Instructor   Jun Fan Martial Arts and Jeet Kune Do Instructor.

Fully Certified Weapons Instructor

Ajarn Sorn ( Thai Boxing Master ) Under Grandmaster Chinawut Sirisompan ( Bangkok Thailand ) 1991.

Over 50 years teaching experience.


I have been teaching and training in martial Arts since 1968, and have Various other qualification from other Martial Arts Disciplines.

Please refer to the Family Tree Page elsewhere on this Site.

If, You have any other questions about this site or JKD, other suggestions for the FAQ page don’t hesitate to e mail me!

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