Gunpowder was film in 1985 around the Macclesfield and Nether Alderley areas of Cheshire, and starred David Gillian from the American TV police series Chips, also in the film as a guest appearance was Gordon Jackson of British Film and TV fame such as Upstairs and Downstairs and The Professionals.

In the midst of a routine day's trading on the gold market, a beautiful woman arrives to unload a vast amount of the precious metal in exchange for cash, The effect is devastating, Gold prices tumble as security exchanges across the western world rush to rid themselves of their stockpiles. In no time at all international currencies plummet to the point of collapse and whole nations face financial ruin.

This calls for urgent action. The source of the renegade gold must be found, So Interpol's Special Executive calls in its top two agents Mike Gunn and his sidekick Powder.

A race against time takes the two of them to France and the remote headquarters of evil genius Dr. Vache. By car, by speedboat and by Helicopter the duo do battle with the ruthless mastermind in a desperate bid to save the world from disaster.

Here are the stars from the film

David Gillian as Mike Gunn

Martin Potter as Powder

Gordon Jackson as Sir Anthony Phelps

Anthony Schaeffer as Lovell

David miller as Dr. Vache

Debra Burton as Coffee Carradine

Susan Rutherford Penny Keynes

Rachel Laurence as Miss Bolt and John Saint Ryan as Platoon Commander

Sean O' Brian as Martin Oldfield

Alan and Brian Fontaine as The Cream Twins

We had a great time making this one, I say We because myself and 12 guys from the gym were in this one, as I often use to use guys from the gym as extras. I was killed 3 times in this film as we had more than one part to play, Some of the guards dressed in black were sometime the same guys who played the soldiers.

Below are the guys from the gym

Bobby Gervis

Steve McArdle

Peter Robinson with Bill Hargreaves

Peter Robinson with Bill Hargreaves

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